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An introduction to Old Style Dating

Have you been horrified by the shallow and insincere approach taken by most modern online dating sites? Have the messages you’ve received shocked you, and left you wary of engaging for fear of what you’ll get back? Are you wondering where all the genuine men and women are, who are serious about finding love?

My daughter’s experiences opened my eyes to the unpleasantness surrounding modern-day dating. How can anyone expect to find Mr or Mrs Right when you’re judged on how sexy your photo looks and discarded with a swipe without so much as a hello? And when conversations do start, it can quickly become apparent that long-term love is not on everyone’s agenda. It would seem lewd comments and inappropriate requests have become the norm, rather than the exception.

When did such appalling behaviour and bad manners become acceptable? What happened to good old-fashioned respect and dating etiquette?

Superficial dating sites lead to superficial relationships. That’s why we’re different. Everyone on Old Style Dating has signed up because they’re looking for a more traditional dating experience. Just because you’re meeting through a modern online platform, doesn’t mean you have to discard traditional values.

For a small monthly fee, we can offer you a very different, more refined online dating experience where every communication offers the potential of a long-term, loving relationship.

You won’t be ‘hit-on’, asked for a ‘hook-up’ or spoken to in any way that’s not respectful and tasteful.

If that sounds like an attractive proposition to you, why not give us a try?

Have more questions? Read our FAQ, or contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you tell me more about Old Style Dating?
A. Sure, just read our About Us page.

Q. What if I join then change my mind?
A. Just email us and we can cancel you.

Q. What if I need help with my profile?
A. Just email us, we are always happy to help.

Q. What if I forget my log in details?
A. Just email us and we will help you.

Q. Will I get a reply to any questions?
A. Absolutely, we aim to reply within 24 hours.

Q. What if a member has been disrespectful?
A. Please inform us ASAP and we will deal with them.

Q. How do you find my match?
A. We don’t, you decide who to date.

Q. Is it recurring payments?
A. Yes, it’s £4.99 for the first month and £14.99 per month thereafter until you cancel.

Q. Will I be tied to a contract?
A. No. You can cancel your membership at anytime.

Q. How many members do you have?
A. We have hundreds (We are still very new) not thousands at the moment, but people are joining regularly.

Q. What if I join and there is nobody suitable in my area?
A. That’s not a problem. We will issue you a full refund if you wish to cancel within 14 days.

Q. Can I see members before I sign up?
A. No sorry, we respect our members privacy.

Q. Do you just accept PayPal?
A. No you can use a debit or credit card too.

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Why Choose Us

Online dating has become so superficial! Send a wink, share a pic and swipe based on appearance alone. What happened to sharing conversation? Finding out about each others’ lives, goals and passions? Discovering, over time, if there could be a spark…

Messaging might be instant, but true love and lasting attraction takes time.

We want every communication through our site to offer the potential of a long-term, loving relationship. Something meaningful. Something wonderful!

Old Style Dating is different because we place manners and respect above all else. We have a smaller, but more exclusive pool of potential partners who are all looking for traditional courting, that holds the promise of more than a quick meet-up.

We’re using this modern platform to bring back traditional values. We don’t offer hook-ups, we provide a place for those who want to find the perfect lady or gentleman to share their lives with.

What makes us even more different is, we offer the personal touch. Our dating and relationships coaches are on hand to support you in finding that special love of your life.

Our Guarantees To Members:

  • We guarantee that every profile will be manually vetted. We have strict standards on acceptable language and suitable content to keep you safe.
  • We think it’s important that you can easily meet up with potential dates, so we are a UK-based site only. Everyone you speak to on Old Style Dating will be a permanent resident of the UK.
  • All photos are respectable, and fully clothed.
  • We don’t use computer matching or algorithms to filter your choices. You’re in complete control of who you want to message, and who to date.
  • Ours is a simple site. We don’t have chat rooms or wink options, instead we encourage genuine  one-to-one conversations where you can explore compatibility.
  • With us, respect & manners matter. Complaints are dealt with swiftly and seriously if any members receive unwanted or unseemly content.
  • We don’t add fake profiles to bump up our member totals. Everyone you see on the site is a person looking for love.
  • We don’t discriminate against our members on race, religion, age, gender or disability and do not tolerate discriminatory behaviour from members.
  • Your personal information will be held securely, in line with current data regulations. We never share members’ details.
  • You can use our site on your computer, tablet and mobile phone so you can log into your account anytime, anywhere.
  • You will always get a response from us within 24 hours of any enquiry.

If you wish to speak to Dennie directly just call her on 0800 689 4983, 8am-8pm

Congratulations to our first couple!

Penny and Richard met through Old Style Dating

I really feel I have fallen on my feet finding Richard. In fact I keep having to pinch myself is it really happening. I think the criteria required by Old Style Dating really made the search easy.

After so much heart ache and disappointment on other sites, Old Style Dating came to the rescue. It renewed my faith and confidence. I have my perfect lady in Penny. I am one lucky and happy man indeed. Thank you so much. XXX

I do find this site superior to those others out there. A better class of people as well. Richard

66 Years

The signing up was really easy. I think it’s great, love the idea.. it’s fab and fingers crossed I’ll find someone lovely.


28 Years

An Amazing dating website. Just what is needed. A classy, upmarket site where ladies and gentlemen can meet in the old fashioned way. Looking forward to meeting my Mr. Right!


60 Years

For 2 yrs I’ve been giving online dating a try because it’s difficult to find single women. I like the idea of Dennie’s site and I want to try something different to find a fulfilling relationship. Simon

31 Years

Very impressed to see that this site is monitored by a human and not a computer bot or algarithymn.  Dennie obviously cares and a monthly newsletter actually written by her shows that she cares this is about us and not funding a global empire.


50 Years

I think the problem with the other sites is you tend to find people who are just after a bit of fun, but for me I’m at the place in my life where I am ready to settle down, and start a family. I believe Old Style Dating is where I’m going to find this.


30 Years

Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own. H.JACKSON BROWN JRN

Dating/Relationship Coaching

Are you ready to shake things up and actually attract the right partner for you? That partner that you just instantly have that amazing connection with?……….Guess what? We want that for you too. 

Our Dating and Relationship Coaches Fidel and Lily are here to support you, they can assess your profile, your current dates and even your dating past, to look at patterns of where love may have gone wrong before.

We hear that so many people feel that finding that perfect partner is difficult, so feel free to chat to Fidel or Lily to gain clarity to attract that true love that gives you that knowing feeling that you have found the right one.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you find that perfect partner with those lovely old style dating values where dating goes deeper than the superficial swipe!!!

If your ready then so are we!


Are you looking to discover the colours and style of clothes that suit you so that you look and feel amazing every day?


Andrej is a headshot and portrait photographer, specialising in the craft of close-up photography – which, if done well (and he wouldn’t do it any other way), has the most impact on the viewer because we all connect with faces the most.

Psychic Medium

Alison Cassidy has over 22 years’ experience of being a psychic medium. Alison is well known and highly respected in her field, she is also very professional and through her reading, she can focus on what is happening with precise details and accuracy.

Win A Dinner Voucher For Two!

The first couple who meets through oldstyledating.co.uk and goes on a date wins a dinner voucher from us! Simply send us your date photo by email (info@oldstyledating.co.uk) and get featured in our blog. And we will send you a dinner voucher for two!

Win A Honeymoon Voucher

We at old style dating are looking for respectable members only. If you meet through us and marry we would be delighted to give you some honeymoon vouchers.