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Dennie & Laurel


I’m Dennie and everyone always asks me why I created Old Style Dating.

Well, my beautiful eldest daughter Laurel was looking for a gentleman on some of the other sites out there and simply had not found him. Her experience was poor and I felt sure there had to be another way. I set myself a mission of finding the ladies & gentleman who are still ‘out‘ there.

After researching I found there were around 1400 dating sites out there (yikes!) however, in my own opinion, the others weren’t promoting those three little words that I and many others see as very important: Respect, Manners & Commitment.

These appear to be the main thing missing in today’s dating online world. I wanted to bring back some of those values and ethics which will never go out of fashion.

In my other life, I own a successful VINTAGE themed hair salon, so I thought I would follow the same design.

I wanted the wow factor and I’m sure you will agree Old Style Dating is unlike the other dating sites out there.

Firstly, you will always be able to contact me directly, and I wanted to tell you myself about the agency so you can decide if it’s for you?

I’m passionate about good customer service, so check every detail myself.

The photos on the home & about page are all of my family and friends who were very happy to support me.

I also believed Old Style Dating had to have a quick and simple sign up process.

I challenge you to see how quickly it can be done!

You certainly won’t find a ‘wink or chat’ room, if it’s a hook up site your looking for, nows the time to move on.

While we may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we know there are thousands of men and women out there who will understand the ethos of Old Style Dating.

To be part of this new venture, sign up today.

Thanks for reading.

Dennie x

About Dennie Smith, Old Style Dating

PS: We are returning to the days of respect, manners and commitment. There will be no computer matching, you just see whoever catches your eye.

“Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own”.


Dating in the previous generation
Dennie and spouse in the 80s