Lily Walford


Lily Walford is an international Relationship and Dating Coach, working with both men and women to help them attract the relationship they want and deserve.

She is a certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist – providing her with the specialist tools needed to help client’s release the past, break the cycle of bad relationships and get them back on the path to finding real love. Lily loves sharing her insight in dating psychology to help you attract that perfect partner. 

Not only does Lily provide the tools to find a perfect partner, she also coaches you to date safely. Having come from an abusive relationship herself, has provided her with the compassion to help her clients learn how to heal their relationships past before moving on to a healthy loving relationship.

Learning that levels of domestic violence in the UK is rising has fueled her passion to teach men and women how to date safely and spot those warnings signs fast.

Lily understands that a healthy relationship is based on mutual trust and respect, shared goals and using her expertise can help you get there.

Fidel Beauhill


Fidel Beauhill, The Modern Man Coach, is a life and relationship coach.  He specialises in helping clients empower themselves by understand their masculine and feminine energies.

In recent times, gender roles have become less defined and whilst this has come with many benefits, our relationships seem to be suffering because of it.  Fidel believes the polarity between masculine and feminine is critical to starting and maintaining healthy relationships.

An NLP Master Coach, Master Hypnotherapist and Master Timeline Practitioner, Fidel has years of experience working with both men and women to find true self confidence and present their best selves to the world.

Fidel is passionate about helping you find love by learning to love and understand yourself first.

Reshma Field

Reshma Field is an Independent Personal Stylist based in Swindon, Wiltshire.
Reshma specialises in helping men and women discover the colours and style of clothes that suit them so that they look and feel amazing every day.  If you want to make that all important great first impression and wow your date then a style consultation with Reshma could be just what you need.
Wearing the right colours and styles can make a huge difference to your confidence too so that you can concentrate on just being yourself in the knowledge that you look amazing too.
Reshma trained with Realising Dynamic Potential as part of their High Heeled Leader program and has been helping men and women look and feel amazing throughout Wiltshire for the past six years.
If you would like to book a consultation, Reshma is also offering an exclusive discount to members so do feel free to call her and find out more.